LEARNING - Mathematics

God is the creator of the universe and of all that is within it. When God created Mathematics, He created Mathematical laws and principles which allow order, unity and truth to function within His creation. The Mathematical laws and principles He created are also tools that God has provided us with that we may be His servants, fully equipped to honour Him in our daily lives.

As students learn to identify the different strands of Mathematics in the world and communities around them they can gain an appreciation of the ways God has designed Mathematics to be used. As students examine the ways in which different people and cultures, past and present, have explored and used Mathematics they can be encouraged to faithfully steward the Mathematical talents God has given them. As students explore the Mathematics in God’s creation they can gain insight into the precision and order with which God creates.

As students explore the Mathematics in social constructions they can see how people have been able to use God’s mathematic design to order and understand their world and, in turn, to be creative. As students consider the ethical principles behind the ways in which Mathematics is used they can be encouraged to allow God’s moral principles be the standard by which they lead their lives.

As Christians, we understand that life cannot be divided into secular and sacred. Everything belongs to God and exists to bring Him honour.  

Mathematics at Grace Christian School draws our attention to God’s hand in the Mathematical world and encourages us to consider how we can use the Mathematical  talents He has given us to bring Him honour.

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