LEARNING - Science

Students live in a changing world. Science education should prepare students to be scientifically literate, equipped with values and attitudes, knowledge and skills to live in an increasingly complex age. The processes of science allow students to deepen their knowledge of the world: organise, record, represent and understand the problems that our society faces in the management, proper use and development of resources. It also enables students to see solutions to such problems.

Through positive and challenging curriculum approaches, students can develop a lifelong passion for, and interest in, scientific study. Society needs moral and ethical leaders in the field of scientific enquiry; workers who are competent and confident in the use of technology; and people who are able to make wise and informed decisions about scientific issues affecting the world.

A Biblically-based science curriculum develops a firm foundation of truth and values, as well as an open, creative and inquiring mind able to assimilate the knowledge of God's created world, to solve problems and make decisions about the development of society and the environment.


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