The study of Bible & Christian Living must be based on an acceptance of the Bible as God's inspired, inerrant and authoritative revelation.

This creates difficulties in a world that does not believe in absolutes, where all values are relative and morality is subjective. The Bible provides students with God's absolutes upon which to base their lifestyles.

For a generation in a world of constant change, the unchanging Word of God provides a stable point of reference. In teaching the Bible, students should be helped to understand that the Bible is written as the story of God's people. It is not just a collection of stories and information from which to pick and choose information which may be of help.

The Bible teaches us that the whole universe is focused upon the God who created it. The world which God made good, has become subject to decay and futility because of the Fall. Christ came to redeem His people and will one day come to take up His own, and to judge the inhabitants of the earth and restore and renew His creation to its intended purpose.

The primary aim of the Bible & Christian Living program is to assist students to gain insight and faith through God's revealed Word.

Cognitive knowledge is not enough - they must be encouraged to be faithful disciples who, in dependence on Christ and in fellowship with each other, "grow up into Christ" in all areas of their lives.


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