LEARNING - Digital Technology

Year 7 – 9 students in 2018, will be introduced to the new curriculum, studying the management of data and learning some basic programming skills encouraging computational thinking. They also have the opportunity to develop their skills using a variety of application programs including word processing, spreadsheets, database and photo editing software.

With the progress into Year 10, students develop technology skills using mainly the Adobe Suite programs to create colourful magazine covers, quality graphic art and stylish web sites. Students can also enrol in the ICDL course that covers 7 theory and practical units. To complete the certificate tests successfully, the students need to achieve 75% in each unit.

The AIT WACE course offers Year 11 and 12 senior students a broad foundation of knowledge and skills to prepare them for future employment. The students use Adobe CC software to produce a variety of business products for specific target audiences and purposes. These products included logos, posters, video clips, web pages and multimedia presentations.

In Technology and Enterprise, students explore their creativity making products mainly from recycle items. These projects include tile and canvas art, greeting cards, clay ornaments, desk organisers, pillowcases, palette signs and designs for giftware.

Some of the work our students at Grace created:



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