Study of The Arts at Grace Christian School relates to the areas of Dance, Drama, Media, Music and Visual Arts.

Because God is Creator and humans are made in His image, we are creative people, capable of appreciating and using a wide range of creative expressions and thus arts have intrinsic meaning. God has gifted us with various skills, gifts, insights and abilities, including those we call creative.

As we approach the task of educating young people today to be effective in their community, we have to balance accountability with the need to feel free in experimentation, to be radical and to be free to fail without the burden of condemnation. Students need to see the significance of The Arts in their role of community-shaping, and consider the implications of this individually, in classes, and in the context of the whole school community.


The school currently offers Music from Year 1 to Year 12. In Year 8 it is a compulsory one semester course, and as an elective in Years 9 and 10.

In Year 11 and 12, students can enrol in the Certificate III in Music elective, learning at school and gaining a TAFE qualification in this subject.

In Music Elective classes students learn to listen to music, read charts, understand theory, compose and play together with a repertoire of Christian and non-Christian songs.

Musical students are also invited to join the Worship Team which performs at school assemblies and other events.


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