LEARNING - Languages

For students who have learned English from the beginning, an early understanding and use of a language other than English can assist in the mastery of linguistic principles and facilitate the learning of further languages.

The world of international travel and communication is open to all students and it is important to develop an awareness and understanding of other cultures and languages. Some students will be involved in mission with other language groups both within Australia and oversees.

An understanding of other languages will help equip them for this task.

Language learning broadens students horizons and with the ever increasing interdependence of countries and the growing norm of bilingual or plural lingual capacities, learning additional languages is advantageous. 

In 2019 at Grace Christian School, we have introduced a key Chinese dialect - Mandarin.

There is little doubt learning Mandarin provides our students with significant opportunities and advantages now and into the future. Initially Mandarin will be introduced in Year 3 and 4 with more year levels being invovled as the years progress.


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