Beyond the Classroom

At Grace, we believe learning is a life journey, and one that isn’t confined to the classroom alone. Our holistic approach to education is supported by the many programs and experiences on offer to our students to enrich their growth and development.

  • Our annual camp program – beginning in Year 6 and extending into Year 11 – seeks to foster a sense of independence and develop our students’ collaboration and problem –solving skills.
  • Excursions enrich the learning journey from Pre-Primary to Year 12, and enable students to engage with our wider community.
  • Our experienced music tutors provide quality one-on-one tuition in a number of disciplines, including piano, drums, guitar, violin and vocals.
  • Team Grace incorporates the many extra-curricular sporting opportunities available to our students, from rowing and swimming to netball, basketball and soccer.
  • FESA Cadets, a highly sought-after program offered to Secondary students, provides exciting opportunities for skill training, leadership growth, relationship building and physical outdoor experiences.
  • Our community service and work experience programs are invaluable to students in developing their interpersonal and professional skills, as well as fostering a heart of service to others and contribution to community.